Thirty Mantras for Freshers

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Learning happens better when you develop the habit of throwing questions at yourself. From time to time, reflecting on your strengths and weaknesses will help you rectify and improve your abilities. Here are few questions to start with:

1. How far do I know about what I am supposed to know in my field with respect to the developments in general?

2. No matter which discipline I belong to, do I know about the emerging trends in the IT industry?

3. Big things require big attention. Am I familiar with trending terminologies like Big data analytics, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Customer Relationship Management, Business Process Management, Artificial Intelligence etc.

4. Knowledge of programming languages C, Java, PHP, JavaScript, C++, Python etc.

5. Am I learning beyond my curriculum? How will people value me as a person besides my education?

6. How far am I able to relate my academic knowledge to real-time application?

7. Am I on par with my competitors’ knowledge in the latest technologies that is being evolved right now?

8. How far can I contribute to my professional growth and for the development of the firm that I will be working for?

9. What makes me stand out as a potential candidate? Am I able to list out those qualities?

10. Am I specialized at anything that will contribute to my growth in workplace?

11. Am I good enough in handling responsibilities and deadlines?

12. How good am I when it comes to collaboration?

13. How strong am I in introducing myself and showcasing my talent?

14. Am I work-driven or passion-driven?

15. How good am I in handling unscheduled work?

16. How am I able to cope up with stress?

17. Adaptable, Innovative, Involved, Self-motivated, Open to learning, Ability to lead – Do I own these qualities?

18. How often do I update my resume?

19. Am I strong in Aptitude, Verbal Ability and Technical stuff?

20. Do I know the fundamentals of everything?

21. Have I understood that Attitude comes first and everything next?

22. If I call anything as accomplishment what is it? To put it simple, what am I working for? Is it for money or powerful designation or for passion or for family or for my own success? Can you define success?

23. Do I know how to use social network wisely?

24. What have I done to network myself with great people around?

25. Have I read any book last week, last month, last year at least?

26. How far do I know about what is happening around me or at least in my college campus?

27. Have I ever thought of my own efforts before saying plainly to someone that I did not learn something because they did not handle it in my class?

28. How do I see myself as the right pick for a company?

29. It is a wrong approach to focus on how to get selected, instead prepare on how not to get rejected. Am I doing it this way?

30. Great and successful people have used their time wisely which is the most important and fundamental requirement to achieve our goals. Am I using my time well?

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