Synonyms | Quiz – 02

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synonyms quiz 02

Synonyms quiz helps you improve your vocabulary skills. Learning words with similar meaning and knowing to apply them in proper context in speaking and writing will improve your ability to communicate effectively.

There are no shortcuts to learn and acquire synonyms. Learning synonyms needs to happen through regular reading in general, and in the case of students preparing for competitive exams, it is best done by looking into past question papers on verbal ability and referring to books exclusively written on such topics, and taking up online tests available on internet.

Learning synonyms or any other vocabulary topic can be challenging because, there is clue about words that may pop up on the question paper, there are literally thousands and the possibility is infinite. So, it is better to align yourself to the above stated ways of preparation.

Synonyms Quiz Instructions:

Attempt the quiz at your own pace. The quiz does not contain any restriction on time. You can take up the quiz as many times as you want. 

Before attempting the below quiz, you can take up our Synonyms Quiz – 01 in case you have not taken.

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