How to Pronounce Abacus?

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how to pronounce abacus

In this video let us learn how to pronounce abacus and its meaning.

Abacus Definition

The term abacus refers to an ancient tool used for calculations. The word abacus is derived from the Greek word abax referring to counting table.

Before you start, it is important that you understand that when it comes to pronunciation there are different varieties of English and pronunciation differs accordingly. English being the global language, there is no strict rule that you have to stick to one dialect. As far as communication is concerned, you can choose what suits you best taking effectiveness into consideration. The pronunciation that we offer are based on International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) that are predominantly either British or American.

Abacus Pronunciation

Learning how to pronounce a word appropriately is vital for effective communication. It is important to take up pronunciation training once you have acquired good grasp of language. What I mean to say is pronunciation needs to be the last step during the language learning process. Sufficient knowledge of grammar, comprehension and vocabulary must precede pronunciation.

Listen to the pronunciation of abacus and try to repeat. I recommend you to listen using ear phones.

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