How to Improve Pronunciation?

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how to improve pronunciation

This post gives a clear idea on how to improve pronunciation and communicate effectively. Pronunciation is a vital part of effective communication. I have seen people who are good at expressing themselves but fail when it comes to pronunciation.

Pronunciation is as important as vocabulary. It is definitely a problem when you know the word for certain, have used it many times but you cannot pronounce the word accurately. It is always better to learn a word along with its appropriate pronunciation. I do not mean to say that pronunciation is everything, but you need to look and accept it as one of the key factor for effective communication.

So, if you are interested to learn a language effectively then getting trained on pronunciation becomes must. There are different ways through which you can build your pronunciation skills. Based on interest and time, you can decide what suits you best.

Understanding Pronunciation

Pronunciation helps in establishing clarity of speech. The big challenge with learning pronunciation is that there are several varieties of English language across the globe and pronunciation differs accordingly.

To set things right, as a number one priority, it is important to analyse your need and purpose for improving your pronunciation. For example, if you are into business and travel frequently to different nations, the best thing would be to get accustomed with prominent English dialects. Similarly, if you are a student aspiring to apply for overseas education in United States of America or Australia, it is advisable to go with the country-specific pronunciation drills.

Though it is not mandatory to take up such efforts to learn and understand the pronunciation of different dialects, you have to understand that taking such efforts contributes to your ability to comprehend and communicate. Choose a dialect that you are comfortable with, do not complicate the learning process and at the same time, if you hold the potential then there is nothing wrong in following different dialects as long as you know which one works best based on where you live.

Ways to Improve Your Pronunciation

Learn from Experts: This is one effective option that you can think of if you are serious about learning pronunciation. Pronunciation can be best learnt when you receive the training through someone who is specialised in the field.

International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA): If you could manage to learn the International Phonetic Alphabet, you would be able to read and write the phonetic transcription which in turn will help you enhance your pronunciation skills on your own without the assistance of anyone. There are many resources online from where you can learn IPA.

Imitation Technique: This is the easiest way to learn pronunciation on your own. Understand that this method of learning has its own limits. You need to manually and carefully listen to word pronunciations and repeat the same. Your learning will be entirely based on what you choose to listen hence it is important that choose the right material.

The pronunciation lessons that we offer in our website are based on International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) that are predominantly either British or American. Every week we are adding new words to our pronunciation list. Here are few links that you can start with:

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