About Us

equip-e stands for equip engineers. equip-e functions with a firm belief that a betterment in the quality of education is possible when our noble actions are fueled by enthusiasm rather than money. equip-e was established in 2018 taking into account the need for quality education in the Engineering domain. Rajesh Bojan, Founder and Director of equip-e envisioned to create an environment where aspiring students can be nurtured and upskilled on core employability skills. At equip-e, we understand the value of endowing opportunities and learning experience for students.  

Our Mission

We operate online and aim to effectively improve the quality of Engineering students and employees through professional, engaging content and assessments. We strive to create dynamic, employable Engineers who could fulfill the raising industry standards and expectations.  

Our Vision

equip-e evolves to create a growing sphere where students and employees can involve, network with experts, acquire competencies and aspire to become proficient practitioners. equip-e aims to transform every ordinary classroom, workplace into an industry hub creating professionals and future nation builders.